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How it works

Using distributed ledger technology, docStribute allows you to deliver confidential and regulated documents to your customers digitally, via immutable hyperlinks.

The email is once again the secure and efficient way to comply with regulatory requirements giving customers access to their documents in just one click.

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Why docStribute?

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Every year the UK financial sector alone posts out some 5.2 billion documents to customers, costing £1.7 billion and 2.4 million treesdocStribute delivers a 95% reduction in paper usage and up to 70% in financial savings, giving you the power to distribute your regulated documents digitally, securely, sustainably, simply; cutting down costs, not forests.

Reduce Environmental Impact

In an era when we’re all striving to minimize our carbon footprint, docStribute delivers a 98% saving in carbon dioxide emissions as standard when compared with traditional postal methods of document delivery.

5.2 billion329g CO2e6g CO2e
Documents sent annually60 pages of T&C’s sent via the post60 pages of T&C’s sent via docStribute
Reduce Cybercrime

Our Durable Medium Repository, built on Hedera Hashgraph, uses cryptography, 256 digit alphanumeric code and our military grade, seamless 3 factor authentication processes to store immutable documents and create secure links to them. Our technology is complex, but our solution is simple.

To learn more about how we’re working with Hedera Hashgraph, read our case study here.

Our interface is intuitive and easy to use, meaning it’s simple for you, simple for your business and simple for your customer.
Seemless Integrations
We know one size does not fit all. That’s why docStribute works both as a standalone service and one that can be integrated seamlessly into your existing ecosystem via API, depending on your business needs now, and in the future.
docStribute is fully FCA compliant to durable medium requirements, allowing you to store and distribute regulated and confidential documents in an immutable format.
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The speed and simplicity delivered by docStribute ensures a better customer journey and satisfaction.
Decentralised Hashgraph Network
Decentralised Hashgraph Network
docStribute utilises Hedera Hashgraph, to efficiently and sustainably to verify transactions via a decentralised enterprise-grade public network, owned and governed by a council of the world’s leading organisations including Google, LG, Boeing, IBM, and DLA Piper, to name a few.

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