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ALT/AVE launches docStribute, built on Hedera

ALT/AVE has launched docStribute. This is a distributed ledger solution built on the Hedera Hashgraph network. It seeks to address the often under-considered paper waste problem which immerses

Phil Shelley

ALT/AVE appoints new chairman

UK-based ALT/AVE uses distributed ledger technology to provide financial institutions with a durable medium to send regulated documents to their customers, in compliance with Financial

Nino Vang Vojvodic

Q&A – Nino Vang Vojvodic.

CTO at ALT/AVE, Nino has 20 years of experience from business development, IT security, and finance. He has extensive knowledge on how to combine cutting

Do you really think they give a sh*t!

“Do you really think big corporates are going to give a sh*t about something like NetZero 2050 when it’s a good 30 years off?” was

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